Radio Chas Presents: Crusty Old Wave (the Podcast)

It’s that time again! Another episode of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave has been chopped up, cleaned up, remastered and placed into the loving hands of iTunes for your sonic pleasure.

This particular edition is loaded with name-brand 80s hits, so if you’ve been thinking of introducing someone to the show, this is probably a good starting point. The other episodes get weird from here …

If you’re not using iTunes for some reason (burn the heretic!!), you can either download or listen (streaming) to the episode by clicking here.

Another C.O.W. in The Wall

Another month, another episode of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave – The Podcast hits iTunes (and can always be found at Crusty Old as well).

This is the first episode to get the dreaded “explicit” tag for language and sexual imagery (jailbait sexual imagery, no less!), but you know rock n roll has a long and sordid heritage of singing the praises of underage love, and it should come as no surprise that punk rock embraced the forbidden and profane with aplomb (and a good hook!).

Of course, there’s a lot more of offer, including an unusually high dose of Man or Astroman and perhaps a bit less wuss-rock than we normally offer. Call it our “leather jacket” episode. Chas Bob sez check it out.