Whilst you wait …

There will be some delay to today’s planned post due to radio and podcasts commitments, but it should be available sometime tomorrow (in the null space between Bowie’s birth and death anniversaries). In the meantime, I’m pleased to report that an anthology book on Bowie that I contributed to is still available. Me and the Starman is not a book on Bowie himself, but rather on the incredible impact his art had on the lives of his fans.

It was originally released in July of 2019, and I am proud that the initial run completely sold out. I know more than a few of the other contributors to the book, and greatly enjoyed reading about their own personal “Bowie journeys.” The UK website We Are Cult has opted to reprint the book, and as with the previous edition, all profits from it go towards supporting the work of Cancer Research UK.

Softback physical copies can be obtained from the Canadian and UK Amazon stores, or with limited availability from the US Amazon site. I hope you’ll enjoy my essay therein, entitled “Everyone Says Hi.”

Please note: This book is not to be confused with another book widely available called The Starman and Me by Sharon Cohen (nowt to do with Bowie as far as I can tell, but a praised debut novel).

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