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Hi, I’m Chas, your host of American Movie Cla– wait a minute, that’s not right — anyway, I’m this guy who watches a lot of movies. I don’t get paid to do this blog, but I do get paid to watch movies. At least some of the time.

Welcome to Film Moi, my personal journal of films. What you will find here is frequently-updated reviews of films I’ve seen (very few “mainstream” films, just so you know), rants on the state of moviemaking, enthusiastic recommendations on art-house films you’re likely to miss if you don’t pay attention, and suchlike. I recently figured that I average about one film a day (about 60% things I have seen before, 40% new things). Before you judge me some horrible lunatic, let me explain why: I write reviews and articles for TimeOut magazine in London, Film Threat.com, and MovieMaker and BoxOffice magazines, as well as others for a living. So you see I have to do this. πŸ™‚

Film Moi was inspired, as so many things are, by Ron “The God” Kane. I will resist embarking on a long biography of someone you’ve never met (I’ve never met him in person myself), but let’s just say he’s a deeply cool guy who has inspired many things from me and my circle of friends. Check out his music/video review blog, linked above.

You may recently have seen a documentary called Cinemania that’s making the rounds (notably on Trio TV of late) about a gaggle of “movie buffs” (complete with capital Ls on their foreheads) who support and terrorise New York art-house festivals.

I want to emphatically state that I am not one of those people. πŸ™‚

I love movies the way those losers do, but the big difference is that I do actually leave the cinema and have a life outside it (or, more accurately, several other compulsions that I also attend to). I have a wife, do not live with my parents, have a modestly-successful career as a magazine writer going, socialise with people who do not share my love of movies, and I even drink occasionally. I know people like the cellu-noids portrayed in Cinemania, I can even relate to them on some levels, but I think my dorkiness is in remission (despite being an avid computer buff as well).

This blog, an offshoot of my main blog, is dedicated to Ron and to Jim Donato, another individual whose unerring good taste and singular dedication to perfection in music and video has shaped my life and personality at least as much as my parents ever did. πŸ™‚

No promises about how often this will be updated, though I will try to publish at least weekly. I recommend you stop by once a week and catch up. I don’t have a comment system set up yet, but in the meantime I invite email (the address is to your left somewhere on this page).

Thank you for stopping by, and go see an independent art-house movie today! πŸ™‚

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Writer/Editor, Comic Performer, Doctor Who fan, radio DJ, Punk/New Wave/Ska fiend, podcaster, audio editor, film buff, actor, producer, leftie (literally and figuratively), comedian, blogger, teacher, smartarse, and motormouth. Not necessarily in that order.

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