Radio Chas Presents: Crusty Old Wave (the Podcast)

It’s that time again! Another episode of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave has been chopped up, cleaned up, remastered and placed into the loving hands of iTunes for your sonic pleasure.

This particular edition is loaded with name-brand 80s hits, so if you’ve been thinking of introducing someone to the show, this is probably a good starting point. The other episodes get weird from here …

If you’re not using iTunes for some reason (burn the heretic!!), you can either download or listen (streaming) to the episode by clicking here.

About chasinvictoria

Writer/Editor, Comic Performer, Doctor Who fan, radio DJ, Punk/New Wave/Ska fiend, podcaster, audio editor, film buff, actor, producer, leftie (literally and figuratively), comedian, blogger, teacher, smartarse, and motormouth. Not necessarily in that order.

One response to “Radio Chas Presents: Crusty Old Wave (the Podcast)

  1. Chas-san,Please post a Playlist!!!Ron

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